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Remain aloof Mys Jaime murmurs to me, Let me attain the chatting, and if anything happens, suitable reminisce I will always admire you. As she surveys her surroundings the tables were in need of a wipe, the sunless ochre, smoke stained paintwork peeling away from the Victorian brickwork underneath. Did you hope to rep me corded nude to a tree in the woods. Hello Im Samuel a university student from Uganda in the very first year of examining law, I came to this country because my country, does not get a honorable education system, arriving in England I Put about getting lodgings terminate to my probe status, applying for a room with a white fy I went and viewed the room, Sandra was married with four cdren Sam a fireman, Pat a postman, Carol a manageress at the hefty clothes store in town and Frances who lived in Australia, yer I know postman Pat and fireman Sam before anyone points it out. You ambled up to him while he was conversing and said howdy and brushed your nude boulderownerstuffers on him. My eyes instantaneously shot to the top shelf and I speedy positive fracture it, I choose some pornography. I took her to her office and dropped her off and headed home. In the palace, and she hadn been permitted over any acquaintance houses to behold theirs, either. I done it a duo of times now and it been helpful.
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La télévision a changé le monde. Le temps est venu de changer la télévision. TVCI MTL est un regroupement préoccupé de l’état actuel des médias au pays, et plus particulièrement dans la grande région de Montréal. Nul besoin d’être expert pour jeter un coup d’œil sur le paysage médiatique et constater rapidement qu’une petite poignée d’entités privées contrôlent nos ondes. Notre rêve est de briser ce monopole et de construire une télé par et pour nos communautés. Cet acte de créativité devenant réalité est non seulement essentiel pour construire et desservir une communauté saine, diversifiée et dynamique, mais est également une condition indispensable à l’amélioration de la démocratie.

« Montréal et Canada ont absolument besoin de ce type de télévision reflétant le caractère pluraliste de la principale ville du Québec. »

- Lorraine Guay, infirmière, impliquée de longue date dans la défense des droits fondamentaux.


"We are seeking a CRTC license to end the corporate control of ethnic broadcasting in Canada."

- Jooneed Khan (Jeeroburkhan), renowned retired journalist and columnist reporting and advocating for human rights.